The South Florida Music Showcase is a live music networking event designed with the sole purpose of connecting independent artists with entertainment industry professionals. Since South Florida is best known for its tropical weather, gorgeous scenery, vacation-style atmosphere, and diverse nightlife, many music lovers and music executives alike are unaware that South Florida is a breeding ground infused with thousands of aspiring artists who are talented, accomplished, and determined to get their “big break.”

Since the inception of the South Florida Music Showcase, some of our attendees have been A&R’s and label heads of major record labels such as Warner Music Group and Sony Music, as well as BET Talent scouts, credited publishers, producers, songwriters, managers, attorneys, etc… This has resulted in some of our performers being offered recording, publishing, and management deals as well as new opportunities to perform live in front of various audiences.

As a result of the supply and demand, the South Florida Music Showcase has become the international entertainment gateway to bridge the gap between these future mega stars with those that have the resources to facilitate expanding an artist’s brand to the world and contribute to making their dreams come true!

As always, it is our honor and pleasure to have you join us!

Mission Statement

To CONNECT independent artists with entertainment industry professionals.

Vision Statement

To CREATE a platform for independent artists to display their musical talents and to forge networking opportunities.

Value Statement

To CULTIVATE quality entertainment, operate with excellence, and build strong industry relationships.