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Step-By-Step Music Business Setup

  • Song Metadata Information
  • Copyrighting Your Music
  • ASCAP/BMI Setup
  • SoundCloud Royalties
  • SoundExchange Setup
  • Music Distribution (iTunes, Spotify)
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Music Business Consulting

  • 1-Year Consulting Service via email
  • Ask Specific Questions About Anything
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Educate Yourself

SFMS Music Business

Step By Step Music Business Courses 

These music business courses are designed for anyone that releases music and wants to be properly paid for it. Singers, musicians, parents, recording artists, music producers, hobbyists, and more, could learn a great deal from our online music business training classes. 

Set Up Your Music Business Foundation

An easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial guide that will prepare you to release your music worldwide. You will learn how to copyright your music, register your music with a performance rights organization (PRO), and the most efficient ways to get your music inside online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!

Music Publishing For Anyone

In this area of the music business, revenue from music publishing is the icing on the cake. Students will learn how to register their own music publishing company and learn the many ways to bringing in revenue from your songs such as getting your music placed in TV/films, video games, commercials, and more!

Performance Rights Organizations (PRO)

When your music is being played or purchased, who’s cutting you the royalty checks? An easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial on how to correctly register your songs with some of the biggest PRO’s in the game such as ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, and SESAC. Learn which organizations are major players in the game and identify which of these PRO’s are best for you and your needs.

Music Distribution For Anyone

Once your music is properly registered, the next step is releasing your music in worldwide digital retailers. Learn which music distribution companies are easiest to use and how much of a commission cut each music distribution company and retail store will deduct from your music.

Tagging Your Music

Song metadata information is everything now. Your music should be properly encoded with International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC Codes), UPC/EIN Barcodes, and Track Info Metadata to help identify that your music belongs to you. Learn how to retrieve these codes and embed them into your music.